Just Like Me Presents hosts workshops and develops resources to assist children to increase their access to culturally responsive teaching materials available to parents, teachers, and community groups.

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Welcome to Just Like Me Presents! Are you the parent, teacher, administrator, or youth leader of children of color? Are you frustrated with the monolithic, Eurocentric, one-size-fits-all approach to the traditional public educational system? Then you are in the right place! Our goal is to present culturally-responsive content, teaching strategies, and resources so that we can support our children on their learning journey.

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JLM Presents is a multimedia production and development company that stresses the importance of literacy, culturally relevant teaching materials, and active learning experiences.

Remember Through Rhyme (RTR)

Helping students master foundational math concepts one song at a time.

One part math + one part hip hop = a whole lot of fun.

Suitable for students in grades K-5.

Just Like Me Books

Our mission is to promote a love of reading and increase literacy rates among high-risk readers through an interactive platform that prominently features characters of color.

Meanwhile In Africa (MIA)

K-5 culturally reflective supplemental social studies curriculum designed to give students a strong sense of self and affirm their identities.

Just Like Me Presents’ award winning products


"I am so grateful and pleased for the amazing curriculum guide created for our children’s book “I’m Like A Butterfly”. The final product was so beyond what was expected! Thank you Ms. Michelle Person for your vision, professionalism and insight. I am so excited that Spirited Moon Inspirations LLC now has a credible teaching component to reinforce the concepts of our premier children’s book project. Thank you for assisting us to inspire our youth."

Spirited Moon

"This was my first children’s book project and our entire aim was to make sure that the material would be eligible and useful to teachers & students in the class room. Just Like Me Presents exceeded our expectations for a teacher’s guide! We have 18 pages of excellently curated materials perfect for our target grade level. Thank you Michelle & team. I’ll be back!!"

Jamal James Hill

"I had the pleasure of working with Ms.Michelle on creating my teacher’s guide for my children’s book “Papa’s Love for Pashmina Panda”. She was very professional and quick to respond to any questions I had. She created 4-5 assignments across main subjects that teachers will be able to use with their students that I hadn’t even thought of. She completed the assignment of the teacher’s guide in the amount of time she stated which I appreciate. Thanks for the service you provided!!"

Dannella Author Dani

"JLM is an awesome platform for youth in the community."

Jacquie Allen

"Michelle was very nice and professional and her years of experience was evident in the quality of her work. Working with her was a very good business decision and I am so excited about the finished product!"

Ladyj Reshon

"Michelle has creative ideas and projects that encourage children to learn about women of color who have done what they hope to do AND look like them."

Valerie J Lewis Coleman

"Michelle does great work ❤️"

Christine Ivory

"I am inspired by JLM’s passion and equally share their desire to make the world at large more accessible through the journeys of the written word."

Adrienne Ijioma

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