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Minisode 2.3: "A'pasta'fe" w/ M.N. Bonds

February 15, 20226 min read


It’s the LAST minisode before season 3 of RE: Woke. Catch up on season 2 and listen to Michelle’s discussion with author, M.N. Bonds about her writing including her yummy book, “A’pasta’fe”. Do you love macaroni and cheese? Is it one of your favorite meals? Join Avery on a delicious and exciting journey as mom prepares her favorite dish to share with everyone, including you. You’re invited to the party! FIND OUT WHAT ELSE YOU CAN DO ON YOUR RE: WOKE JOURNEY


Speaker 0 00:00:00 Hello, my wild and crazy tribe and welcome to revoke rewriting our kids education podcast. We are on hiatus for one more week, but we wanted to make sure you got your woke fix. So I'm sharing another interview with another amazing author about another amazing book that should be added to your child's personal library. A pasta Fe is a fun rhyming book that explores the use of contractions around the love of a little girl's love for macaroni and cheese. We hope you enjoy the interview and have a phenomenal week Speaker 2 00:00:40 We are going to talk to an author who wrote the cutest book called apostrophe Monique bonds is here to tell us about that unique play on words and how she came up with this idea, Monique, how are you today? I'm done. Okay. And you I'm good. I'm good. So this book is really cute because it's actually a play on words. So can you tell us a little bit about how you came to write this book? Yes. So I have a five-year-old daughter and she loves, when I say love. She loves macaroni and cheese. And one day we were in the kitchen and I was getting ready to make everything. And I was just looking at the noodles and I was just like, these look like little apostrophes. And I just started saying out loud originally it was apostrophe, a pasta pasta, please, please don't forget my macaroni and cheese. Speaker 2 00:01:35 And later that night after, you know, the day was done, I sit down and think about it somewhere else. It's like this actually makes a very, very great line for a story and that's how it all started. So I was actually born, born in my kitchen. That is amazing. Tell us what is the story actually about? So the story being that I was using a pasta fees, the story is about learning contractions. Cause the pasta fees are what make up, um, contractions as far as the symbol goes. So I wanted the story to be educational. So something that a child could learn from my daughter, she loves to learn. So that was another key factor on like how to make this educational story also. And, um, use it as a lesson to teach kids about contractions. Um, because being an adult, you know, surprisingly, you know, a lot of people post on social media, um, different things. Speaker 2 00:02:32 And it's like a running joke of, you know, people not knowing the difference between, you know, you're in your, they in there where to put, you know, pasta keys. Um, so I was like, let me just do this book for kids on how to properly use contractions, make it about something fun, macaroni and cheese. It's a food favorite for, you know, anybody, it doesn't have to be a kid. So even my dedications all over the world, like people love macaroni and cheese. So, um, it's about learning contractions. And you see, even in the back of the book, if you order the book that there is also a table on the different contractions throughout the book, broken up, um, definition of a contraction, a pastor fee is, and there's also activities on the website to further, um, go into that concept. Awesome. So it sounds like obviously you said this book was born in your kitchen and it 100% came out of nowhere and it's taken on a life of its own. Speaker 2 00:03:30 Usually authors like us when that happens, that you meet almost always have more ideas to go with. Um, and something else happens and you start one thing and it leads to other projects. Um, are you working on any other projects right now? So I am in the process of working on a second book and I decided to turn this into a series, um, to be the learn with Avery series. And I want to keep it to educational concepts. So eventually something with math science. So I'm trying to figure out exactly what I want the second book to do, but I do have like the tagline for it cause she loves ice cream. So it is called stupid. He do, I will say that, but as far as the story, the story goes, I'm still, still working on that great story. She's got, she's got to go around and try a whole bunch of scoops of ice cream. Speaker 2 00:04:22 And then she's going to learn math and subtraction they'll fall on the ground to get new ones. And like, I can't wait to read that book. You gotta make sure you send it to them. Awesome. We can't wait to see it. Um, do you have any advice for other authors who, um, who might be thinking about a great idea, just like you were in your kitchen? Um, any idea, any advice on how to make their dreams a reality? Um, I would say that you have the idea, just go with it and don't hesitate on it because honestly, I, my daughter's five now. So I actually, this actually happened when she was three and I sat on this story for about two years. I just put it out, uh, this past summer. So I wasn't confident to put it out, you know, originally and the more I looked at it and I shared it with someone, you know, they actually liked the story. Speaker 2 00:05:17 So you fill out a compliment about it, just have some immediate or just do it and always remember someone made the pool so you can do it. I love that advice. I talked to a lot of authors and a lot of them have a very similar story and they explained that they also had a story that they set on for longer than they should have because they, because of the fear and not being sure if it was the right thing. So I love that advice. So where can readers find the copy of your book? That's a great question. So Redis confined a copy of my book on my [email protected]. And if you scroll down to the bottom, there's a link for readers to, uh, connect and find it on Amazon. And there are also activities and recipes available on the site for readers to use. That is amazing. You can also find a copy of the book on www, just like me on the, just like me fixed section Monique. It has been great talking to you today. I really appreciate you coming on and sharing this book for us listeners. Thank you so much for joining us. And remember if our children can see it, they can achieve it.

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