It’s time to get RE: WOKE’d with JLM Presents’ new podcast coming this fall. This podcast will open the door on discussions of how racial, Struggling to find inclusive, engaging, academic content or culturally-responsive teaching that represents and educates your child? So were we! Society is in the midst of a revolution. We are rethinking institutionalized social and racial ideologies and deconstructing the ones deemed irrelevant, oppressive, and flat out wrong. It’s time to rethink the content and curriculum we put in front of children, the strategies we use to engage them, the techniques we use to manage behavior, and the resources we offer to support them. Michelle Person from Re:WOKE (Re-Writing Our Kids Education) is a master educator who believes in the transformative power of education but who has also had a front row seat for the last 20 years at how traditional education consistently, and oftentimes intentionally, continues to marginalize, malign, and miseducate, our BIPOC children. A veteran educator with experience in the classroom and at the building level, Michelle is committed to increasing access to culturally-responsive content, teaching strategies, and resources to parents and educators so that we can better support our elementary school students on their learning journey. Breaking down complex topics into small actionable steps is Michelle’s superpower, and together we will completely rewrite the traditional education system and create an educational experience that is diverse, inclusive, and equitable!