Meet the Author

Description: Through close personal contact with a published author, students and families will work to improve their reading and writing skills and be inspired to excellence.

During the 60 minute family session, participants will:

  • Learn what an author does and how to become one
  • ·Discuss the importance of reading and the benefits of daily practice
  • Explain how to use the Five Finger Rule to identify a “Just Right” book

Each participant will participate in a make and take session and leave with their own book. *The first 25 families to register will receive a new book for their personal at home library.

Finding the Fluency Flow

Description: Some readers have difficulty reading smoothly, accurately, and with expression. In this worksop families will work together to grow the skills necessary to become fluent readers.

Families will be able to:

  • Explain what fluency is and how to assess
  • Evaluate their child’s fluency level
  • Use the strategies presented during the session (sight word recognition, choral reading, repeated reading, audio reading,) to prepare a personalized fluency plan for their child
  • Upon session completion each family will create an audio recording, a set of sight words, and a reading tracker

Comprehension Check

Description: The ability to understand what we read is key to creating lifelong readers. In this session families will learn what good readers do and strategies to help students build comprehension skills.

Families will be able to:

  • Explain what comprehension is and how to asses
  • Demonstrate how to create an KWL chart
  • Support student connections to text through prediction and word attack skills
  • Upon session completion each family will create a reading comprehension cube and cootie catcher

Raising a Writer

Description:  Putting our ideas to paper is often to the most difficult aspect of reading. We know what we feel, we just have no idea how to put it down on paper. In this workshop parents will define their role as a facilitator of the writing process and learn how to make the process more enjoyable for parents and students alike.

Families will be able to:

  • Describe the role writing plays on standardized tests
  • List the steps of the writing process
  • Explore ways to incorporate writing at home
  • Upon session completion each family will work together to write, illustrate, and publish their own book

Get the Data, Know the Data, Use the Data

Description: Getting staff, students, and parents to embrace-and not run from-discussions about data can be challenging. During this session participants will learn how to present data in a such a way that stakeholders not only openly accept the truths the data brings to light, but that they begin to embrace the work necessary to change those truths.

Everyday we are inundated with data. As leaders we are coached on the vital role data should play in the decision making process, we are expected to seek it out and use it when determining he best course of action when solving a problem. As leaders we are taught to embrace data. Our teachers, parents, and students are not. To them data is complicated, scary, and often used as a weapon to attack who they are as people. The data always seems to tell the same story; that in some way they are not measuring up. What if you could change the way the people around you looked at data, talked about data, and most importantly USED data? Through discussion, role-play, and modeling, participants in this workshop will reflect on the data culture in their buildings, their current approach to disseminating data, and identify the road blocks that are keeping their buildings from embracing their data.

By the end of the session participants will be able to:

• Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the data culture in their building

• Define and describe the 7 steps to establishing a stronger data culture

• Select one actionable step they will implement in their building in the current school year

Meanwhile in Africa is an interactive and engaging culturally responsive supplemental social studies curriculum for students in grades K-5. It aims to increase parent engagement and at-home learning,  expose others to programming that that supports empathy and condemns racism, and encourages collaboration, critical thinking, and entrepreneurial skills. 

If I Can See It, I Can Achieve It (Family, Single)

Description: Highlighting major characteristics of the continent, its impact on the global society, and what we can learn and apply in our everyday lives.

Illuminating the Past to Enlighten the Future (Family, Series)

Description: A deeper dive into the characteristics of the continent, its places, people and contributions to the world and how we can use that knowledge and apply the concepts of growth mindset and entrepreneurship to develop creative solutions to life challenges.

Engaged, Excited, and Empowered (Student, Series)

Description: An extensive look into the characteristics of the continent, its places, people, and contributions to the world and how we can use that knowledge and apply the concepts of growth mindset and entrepreneurship to make lasting change in the world.

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